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Project Engineer/Projektový inžinier

Termékkód: 2636624528
Munkavégzés helye:
Más ország (egyéb), Külföld
mérnök, gépész
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teljes munkaidő
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felsőfokú végzettség
2018.07.12. 09:07:04
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Project Engineer will be assigned to follow-up engineering activities of one/several MO34 contractors , depending on the complexity of the scope of work under their contracts. The following general duties are assigned to the Project Engineer:

- Manage multi-disciplinary interfaces: physical as well as functional interfaces;

- Give the necessary support and interacting with the Project Managers on the relevant Contract or with the designed interface (commissioning, licensing, etc.);

- Planning (in coordination with the relevant units) and controlling tasks and related activities, and ensuring the consistency with the overall project plan;

- Identify and manage criticalities and risks (time and cost) and propose/implement solutions to avoid or to minimize the effects;

- Assist the heads of area/unit as multidisciplinary issues arise;

- Keep under control the overall engineering planning of the assigned jobs;

- Take actions to ensure that disciplines are complying with the schedule;

- Record decisions and keep under control actions agreed, through minutes of meetings and dedicated follow-up;

- Report to the Head of Project Engineering Management


The Project Engineer (PE) role includes the following specific duties with respect to the jobs he/she is assigned with:

- PE is devoted to the technical interactions with contractors;

- PE shall interact with Contractor to anticipate as much as possible the possible raising of criticalities;

- PE is in charge of assuring the completeness and current status of the Contractors? Engineering Project Schedule (EPS) and the relevant documentation;

- PE is in charge of minimizing hindrances to the project, with the support of disciplines ;

- PE is in charge of evaluating, accepting or rejecting, design changes proposed by the contractors, keeping under due consideration impacts to the project;

- PE is in charge of analyzing the overall effects of any modification or adjustment considering all the areas inside as well as outside engineering (e.g. construction, commissioning and start-up, etc.)

Additional information to compensation package - total compensation consists of more components that we fairly consider as competitive. Compensation requirements of each candidate are evaluated individually and final proposal shared with selected candidate is fully in line with their individual experience, skills and capabilities, considering as well the market price of certain job position.


- At least 5 years relevant experience in the follow up of a complex Mechanical/Electrical supply;

- Good knowledge of English;

- Good communication skills, leadership and decision making capabilities;

- Problem solving attitude;

- Coordination expertise, discipline wise preferred;

- Independence with team work capabilities;

- Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

- Past experience in ?Nuclear Plant Design? will be considered a plus; VVER plant design knowledge will be preferred.

Egyéb juttatások

* unique opportunity to actively participate in the construction of the NPP

* possibility of professional and career growth

* possibility of obtaining multinational experience